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Degen Poker Card Protector (Call / Fold)

Degen Poker Card Protector (Call / Fold)

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Degen Poker Card Protector - Your Customized Shield of Victory!

Personalize your poker experience with our Degen Poker Card Protector. Crafted to order, this card protector is engraved with the four suits of poker and faces depicting how we feel when we make the actions of poker: Call, Fold, Check, Raise, and All In. Designed for both style and function, it adds a personal touch to your poker gameplay allowing you to randomize you poker decision. Unleash the power of customization with the Degen Poker Card Protector – your shield of victory at the poker table.

One 1 1/2" Double Sided Card Protector.  Custom Art by Gear of Gamble.

Side 1: "Call" Art.

Side 2: "Fold" Art.

Ships from USA.

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